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Introducing iSCSS

Cdr (E) dr ir Rinze Geertsma RNLN MSc CEng MIMarEST

Lt Cdr (E) Rinze Geertsma, MSc, CEng, MIMarEST is an experienced naval engineering officer with a strong interest in applying revolutionary technology on current and future naval vessels to improve their performance, reduce their environmental footprint and increase their autonomy, while leaving key decisions to human operators and maintainers. He currently is PhD researcher at Delft University of Technology and Netherlands Defence Academy into adaptive control strategies for hybrid and autonomous ship systems. He has achieved a dozen publications in engineering conferences and has achieved a couple of publications in high quality Q1 scientific journals. He is a chartered engineer, active member of the IMarEST, committee member of the IMarEST Benelux branch, chairman of the International Ship Control Systems Symposium (iSCSS) and highly engaged to improve and acknowledge professional development of engineers. Previously, he was responsible for the specification and design of automation systems for future and current ships in the Royal Netherlands Navy, introducing interactive electronic incident boards, developing advisory systems for unmanned machinery control rooms and integrating platform and combat systems information for improved command advice. He has extensive operational experience as Marine Engineering Officer of HNLMS de Ruyter and HNLMS Tromp and as Deputy Marine Engineering Officer of HNLMS van Speijk, going through the complete training cycle, including FOST, both as a DMEO and as an MEO, and successfully managing a technical team of over 50 engineers. Earlier experience includes research and development project management, system and project engineering and in service support.

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